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Ryan Bodine
Ryan has been in the Restaurant industry since the age of 14 when he began making sodaís and malts at the Sullivan News Stand at his hometown in Sullivan, IN. Ryan has been behind a bar since turning 21 and loves making up drinks that go down smooth but still pack a punch.

Ryanís philosophy on making a drink is if a drink doesnít taste good or if you wince after every drink thereís something wrong with it or the bartender making it. With this in mind Ryan turned to Goslingís Rum when creating his Rum Cay Sangria. Labor intensive, the drink can be a bartenderís worst nightmare on a busy Friday night but watching the expression on a patrons face when they get their first sip is worth the effort. Smooth and bursting with flavor the Rum Cay Sangria has a very creamy head when made properly and if the taste doesnít knock the guests off their chair, the alcohol content will.

Ryan currently manages Ri Ra Irish Pub in Evansville which overlooks a horseshoe bend of the Ohio river. When working at the Pub, Ryan is invariably drawn to the bar area, where he loves to spend a few minutes chatting up a guest or pulling a quick Pint. If you come in ask him for one of his Gosling specialties!

For further information, please visit:
Ri Ra Evansville, LLC
701-B NW Riverside Drive
Evansville, IN 47708
Tel: 812.426.0000
Fax: 812.426.0001

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