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Matt Keller
Matt Keller is the General Manager at Onion Creek Café in Houston, Texas. Matt has been in the industry for 13 years and has found a great fit for his upbeat but down-home personality in this “trend-setting Heights coffeehouse and bar.”

At the time he became GM of Onion Creek Café, the bar only served beer and wine. Less than a year ago they acquired a liquor license and have had great success with their unique drinks in their frozen machines. When approached about Gosling's Black Seal Rum and the Dark 'n Stormy drink he immediately came up with the idea about a frozen Dark 'n Stormy. As some research resulted in zero recipes or even attempts for a frozen Dark 'n Stormy, he decided to experiment until finding the perfect mixture of Gosling's Black Seal Rum, Gosling's Stormy Ginger Beer and a couple of other ingredients to make the drink an excellent seller at the bar. “The crushed ice compliments the spicy ginger. It makes a perfect spring feature. And to our advantage, we are the only bar in town doing it!” says Keller.

Onion Creek Café
3106 White Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77007
Tel: 713.880.0706

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