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Chris Cohen
Chris Cohen was born and raised in Washington, DC. He has been bartending for over seven years at bars, restaurants, and hotels in the area. Prior to his work in the hospitality industry, he studied economics at The George Washington University. "I realized pretty early that I didn't want to be in banking. I decided that I wanted to be involved in the best part of people's day. At the office, people are stressed out, frustrated, and tired. At the bar, people are relaxed, laughing, and at ease. It was the best decision I ever made, the positivity completely changed my quality of life."

Chris has been at the Jefferson Hotel for a year and a half, and his passion for hospitality has only grown in this environment. "People often ask me whether I consider myself a bartender or a mixologist. The answer is neither. I consider myself a host. If people want to talk to me about cocktail history and have me make unique drinks for them, that is great, but I am just as happy to serve iced tea to somebody who wants to read a newspaper. If my guest is comfortable, I am comfortable."

Chris also has a passion for traditional cocktails. "My father was in the Foreign Service and raised me with an international sensiblility. I love the historical and cultural elements of cocktails and wine. There are such great stories and rich histories behind food and drinks. Eating and drinking are emotional activities. Find anybody that has been away from their childhood home for awhile and ask them about their favorite foods and drinks from home. They could go on forever. I still go to the Thai restaurant my parents took me to since I was three years old. It looks the same, tastes the same, and I always feel secretly tempted to order a Virgin Pina Colada like I did when I was nine. I never do it though."

"Gosling's is a rum that taps into that rich cultural tapestry. It is a traditional rum that pays homage to the people of Bermuda, the island's history, and the origin of the great Dark 'n Stormy cocktail. If you don't use Bermudan ginger beer you simply are not doing justice to the cocktail. When I make a Dark 'n Stormy for myself, I only use Black Seal Rum, Bermudan Ginger Beer, and I usually sprinkle a little cayanne pepper on top. Nothing is every spicy enough for me."

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