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Melissa Kniskern
The Atlantic Cafe, Nantucket, MA.

An avid sailor, Melissa's passion is all things to do with water. When Melissa is not on the water, she can be found working her magic at The Atlantic Cafe in Nantucket serving up The Perfect Storm, a favorite drink of patrons. A variation on Bermuda's national drink, the Dark 'n Stormy, The Perfect Storm is aptly named after the 1991 storm that hit the island.

The Perfect Storm
2 oz Gosling's Black Seal Rum
Ginger Beer
Pineapple Juice

2 oz Black Seal Rum, partically fill with ginger beer and top with pineapple juice. Serve ina tumbler over ice.

Originally a booming whaling port, Nantucket has been named a National Historic District and has architecturally changed little since the 17th century, as seaside cottages and old-fashioned lamps still line its streets.

At the harbor front, where the great whaling ships set out on their hazardous journeys to return years later - if at all - pleasure boats now find safe harbor in one of the finest docking facilities in the world.

At the Atlantic Cafe, those special nights and the family-oriented menu and pricing are a big thing for Nantucketers in the long winter months, when Town is quiet and people yearn for a bit of social contact in a warm and jolly atmosphere. Friendly service is stressed year-round, and everyone from age 2 to 92 is made welcome. Young people find it a good place to meet and eat and hang out; single diners are treated with uncommon hospitality, and families find the surroundings and food excellent fare all year round.

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