1 Jan 2007

Any recipe is only as good as its components. Trouble is, whether it's black truffles from the Perigord region of France, pure saffron from Spain, or Black Seal Rum from Bermuda, the special ingredients aren't often easily found. But are always easily worth the effort.

Tom Colicchio, Chef/Owner Gramercy Tavern & Craft Restaurants, cookbook author and winner James Beard's Best Chef New York Award. "My first introduction to Gosling's Black Seal was on vacation in Bermuda. It was love at first sip. It brings an earthy, smooth flavor to my Bermuda Onion Soup that is missing with many rums."

Ming Tsai, Chef/Owner Blue Ginger Restaurant, cookbook author, and Emmy-winning TV host, currently of "Simply Ming" and "Ming's Quest." "We must use the best there is, no matter how hard to find. Like rich, intricate Black Seal Rum. It makes any dish really sing, including our Blue Ginger Shrimp Tempura with Gosling's Black Seal Aioli."

Black Seal Rum is made slowly, deliberately, according to family methods that are wonderfully out of date with today's mass produced brands. Perhaps this is why it won the coveted Platinum award at the World Spirits Championships. And why you'll find it the most delicious rum you've ever sipped, mixed or cooked with.

Assuming, of course, that you can find it.

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