28 Dec 2012

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR - award season. Rum Journal recently traveled across the Caribbean, from Barbados to Martinique, the Dominican Republic to Guyana, and everywhere in between, sampling the best cane spirits - and some of the best rum drinks - in a bid to bring you the inaugural 2012 Rum Awards.

This was, naturally, the most difficult choice. Rum is in the midst of a boom - there are more aged rum options available to the enthusiast than at any time in recent memory, from the US, the Caribbean, Central and South America - everywhere. And the Rum Journal tasted almost all of them. But what made the cut? Winner of Rum of the Year is GOSLING'S FAMILY RESERVE OLD RUM.

Here's what the Rum Journal had to say:
"The winner was a classic, one that has been with us since time immemorial (at least it seems that way); Bermuda's Gosling's Old Rum. Bottled in a champagne bottle, the same way sailors used to drink Gosling's in the Bermuda of yore, sealed with wax, Old Rum continues to be the standard for aged rum. It is the most complete rum in the world - flavourful, balanced, complex, sweet but not too sweet. And it's our 2012 Rum of the Year."

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