3 Jun 2005

  "Let's make no mistake about it - this is a business and you have to treat it as such." So said Bermuda's most successful golfer Kim Swan as he prepares to qualify for the Senior Tour in 2007.

Swan has rededicated himself to the sport he loves. Part of that has been a massive weight loss and fitness regime in which he has shed nearly 80 pounds. And part of it is also about practising, and practising and more practising as well as going overseas to compete in tournaments.

... Right now he is playing overseas in 45 and over tournaments but also with the younger guys as well. "I try to blend it and play against guys my age and the younger guys. I have to get my game up to the level where I am competitive with anybody so I am constantly going out there with the young guys - you have to be with the young lions."

He has a sponsor in the form of Gosling's Black Seal - a company he worked with after 2001.

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