23 Jun 2005

  As the seventh generation leader of a two-century-old business, one might assume Malcolm Gosling would be committed to the business practices of his forefathers, but "stubbornly" sticking to his predecessors' ways of selling rum is the furthest thing from his mind.

Mr. Gosling has engaged in a large scale push of late to move the Gosling brand globally and make Bermuda's largest exporting company a serious contender in the world rum market. The move breaks with Gosling's tradition of sticking primarily to the local market. At the same time, the company has also ventured into gourmet products with the launch of rum cakes, sauces and preserves. Here at home, the Goslings are completely updating the Dundonald Street headquarters with the addition of some 20,000 square feet and innovative add-ons to cater to local customers.

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