22 Oct 2005

This year's Bermuda Culinary Arts Festival, held at hotels across the island, hosted a star-studded selection of world-renowned guests. Visitors had the opportunity to sample both international cuisine and authentic Bermudian delicacies prepared by local chefs.

There were wine seminars, cooking demonstrations and gourmet food tastings throughout the event. Gosling's Gourmet Chef and Director, Edward Bottone, was on hand to demonstrate to patrons the irresistible preserves, sauces, condiments, cakes and confections that are Gosling's Gourmet products.

Drawing inspiration from Gosling's Black Seal Rum cocktails we have created Gosling's Gourmet products - an evolving treasure trove of treats savory and sweet made with the finest, freshest ingredients, all celebrating the tastes of Bermuda and the unforgettable allure of Gosling's Black Seal Rum.

For highlights from this year's Culinary Arts Festival please follow this link... (PDF -294KB)

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