1st December 2005


The American Beverage Licensees (ABL) announced today that the Castle Brands Inc. has joined ABL’s Preferred Brand Program and has become an ABL Diamond Level Associate Member. Castle Brands is the first ABL Preferred Brand member under ABL’s new partnership and marketing program that provides an opportunity for independent beverage alcohol producers to include “America’s Beer, Wine and Spirits Retailers” in their overall marketing strategy. ABL Executive Director Harry Wiles said the bond between ABL and Castle Brands will strengthen ABL’s standing in the production level of the Three-Tier System while providing Castle Brands with a unique opportunity to directly market its products to some of the most influential and dynamic beverage alcohol retailers in the country. Their preferred membership status also will provide ABL with more opportunities to carry out its efforts to promote and protect America’s beverage alcohol retailers. “By joining not only as an ABL Diamond Associate Membership but also the Preferred Brand program, Castle Brands can expect cooperation and enthusiasm from those men and women who last handle their products before they reach the hands of consumers,” said Wiles. “Castle Brands recognizes the importance of responsible retailers in our great industry and knows that ABL members strongly believe in the mantra, ‘We support those who support us.'” Among other well-respected labels, Castle Brands brings with it two formidable brands that should enjoy increased recognition by ABL’s nearly 20,000 on- and off- premise retailers: Gosling’s Rum and Pallini Limoncello. Gosling’s Rum is the national drink of Bermuda, the oldest business on the island and the most widely exported Bermuda product. Pallini Limoncello, the most Italian of drinks, is a super-premium limoncello, made with the finest lemons from the Amalfi coast. For more information about ABL and its Associate Membership and Preferred Brand programs, please contact the ABL office at (301) 656-1494 or at Find out more about Castle Brands by visiting them on the web at ***** American Beverage Licensees (ABL) American Beverage Licensees (ABL) is the nation’s largest trade association dedicated to representing the interests of “America’s Beer, Wine and Spirits Retailers”. ABL represents nearly 20,000 bars, restaurants, taverns, and liquor stores, including off-premise licensees in the “open” or “license” states and on-premise proprietors in markets across the country. Today, ABL has members in 348 of the 435 Congressional Districts across the nation. For more information about ABL, please visit