2nd December 2005


It is easier to find Gosling’s rare rums in cyberspace than at your local liquor store. is the new home of Gosling’s Black Seal® Rum, Gosling’s Gold Bermuda Rum, Family Reserve Old Rum and Gosling’s Gourmet products. Vivid, colourful, fun, informative, even musical — will delight and entertain you, tell you all about Gosling’s rums, how to use them, even where to find them. “While our rums are available in all 50 states we would like more people to know more about them,” said Malcolm Gosling, president of Gosling-Castle Partners Inc. is part of an overall branding campaign bringing Gosling’s rums into the 21st Century while honoring nearly 200 years of family tradition. “Until recently we exported only Black Seal Rum. Now, with our superb Gold rum and rare, aged Old Rum, it was time to spread the word,” said Malcolm. In January of this year Gosling’s Rums embarked on a major initiative to elevate U.S. awareness and distribution of its award winning spirits. Well known to aficionados of dark rum, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum is synonymous with the island paradise that is Bermuda. It is the warmth in a Bermuda Sunrise, the hook in Bermuda fish chowder, the island flavour in Bermuda Rum Swizzle and the tempest in Bermuda’s National drink — the Dark ‘n Stormy®. Now, rum master Malcolm Gosling has introduced the finest, deep amber rum available — Gosling’s Gold Rum; and the aged, elegant and extremely rare, Family Reserve Old Rum. The exciting, new web site is a collaborative effort with Kelley & Company Advertising under the direction of Gosling’s Claire Terceira and developed by Channel 6 Multimedia Limited of Edinburgh, Scotland. Gosling’s Brothers Ltd. is Bermuda’s oldest business house. In 1806, Englishman William Gosling, sent his son James to sea, bound for Virginia with £10,000 worth of wines and spirits. After ninety days on becalmed seas the charter on the good ship, Mercury, ran out and James was diverted to Bermuda. There, on the King’s Parade in St. George’s harbour, the resourceful James decided to open a wine and spirits shop. In 2004, when Malcolm Gosling moved to the U.S. to spearhead a major American expansion of the brand, the seventh generation of the Gosling family finally completed that fateful voyage to the United States. First exported to the US in 1980, Gosling’s Black Seal® Rum is now Bermuda’s largest export. Gosling Brothers Ltd. is Bermuda’s oldest continuous running business. In 1806, London Wine and Spirits merchant William Gosling chartered the ship Mercury, loaded it with his son James and £10,000 worth of merchandise, and sent them off to America. After ninety one days on becalmed seas, the charter ran out and they put in at the nearest port—St. George’s, Bermuda. In 2004, Malcolm Gosling moved to the U.S. to spearhead a major American expansion of the brand. Finally, the seventh generation of the Gosling family has completed the voyage to the United States begun in1806. At the recent World Spirits Competition, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum won a Platinum Medal, while Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum received a Double Gold Medal at The San Francisco Spirits Competition and Gosling’s Gold Rum received a Gold Medal at the International RumFest. Information about U.S. distribution and wholesalers please contact Castle Brands. Tel: 646-356-0200. Visit: