25th July 2013


The saddest day for many old salts and hardy sailors was the unexpected burial of a true sailor’s friend who gave encouragement through times of war and peace and was always there to be enjoyed and shared with friends… twice a day – their Rum Ration! After a 300 year history of a twice daily serving, the last pour was given on July 31st, 1970. On the anniversay of that sad day, sailors around the world reenact that “Black Tot Day” with mock funeral and sea burial of a bottle of rum. Here on the LIBERTY CLIPPER, we will be laying to rest a bottle of the Blackest Tot – Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum (just 18 years old!) with full honors (although rumor has it that a little string will bring about a miracuous resurrection so we can consume the sucker!!). This event will attract many singers and lovers of naval history and, of course, grog! Prepare for a rousing chorus of Shanty singers and musicians of all sorts! For further information and to book tickets please visit Boston Rum and Revolution.