3rd May 2006


To underscore the distinctive character of the new rum, and to emphasize its name, a series of “teaser” ads will soon start appearing that feature several local Bermudians. Each is pictured at a different Bermuda location with a headline that claims they have “Discovered Gold.” That’s all there is to the provocative ads. There is no Gosling’s identification and their hands are obscured, suggesting they may be clutching a gold nugget or gold dust. Approximately ten different people will be featured in these curiosity-building ads that will run for four weeks. Then the “Payoff Ads” will start appearing. These will feature the same Bermudians in the same poses, but will reveal what they are holding in their hands: a Gold Rum cocktail. Thus what they have actually discovered is Gosling’s Gold Bermuda Rum. As Glenn Kelley, President/CEO of Kelley & Company & Etc, Gosling’s advertising agency, explained, “We didn’t want to just run typical new product introductory ads. This is a momentous occasion for Gosling’s and their Gold product is a truly unique rum, so it called for something special. We think the ‘teaser’ ads will generate a lot of interest and talk.” One key ingredient for this campaign are the local individuals who are featured. “These aren’t professional models or actors,” says Malcolm Gosling, President/CEO of Gosling’s Castle Partners. “We wanted the stars to be real Bermudians of all ages, folks who typify our broad and loyal customer base.” Gosling’s is celebrating their 200th anniversary this year, having started business here in 1806. Their dark rum, Gosling’s Black Seal, is recognized the world over as a deep, rich, intricate rum that consistently wins top honors in tasting competitions. The new Gosling’s Gold is a robust rum, but remarkably soft and mixable. “If I had to describe it in one word,” says Malcolm Gosling, “I’d go with ‘luscious’.” The Gold Rum has also won some important industry taste testing awards. Noted and respected Bermudian photographer Stephen Raynor was the photographer for this unique campaign. Raynor also photographed Gosling’s recently produced and well received “Centenearians” 200th Anniversary Corporate Image Campaign. For information, please contact: Glenn C. Kelley, 781-239-8092,; Malcolm Gosling, 781-891-7325.