Goslings Rum

Wicked & Easy Double Chocolate Rum Cake

Goslings Chocolate Rum Cake

Wicked & EasyDouble ChocolateRum Cake (Courtesy of Edward Bottone) 1 pkg Devil’s Food chocolate cake mix 4 oz pkg instant chocolate pudding 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter,melted 8 oz sour cream 3/4 cup Gosling’s Black Seal® Rum 3 eggs 3/4 cup coconut, lightly toasted (opt.) 6 oz pkg chocolate chips (or more) 1/4 cup… Continue reading Wicked & Easy Double Chocolate Rum Cake

Bermuda Fish Chowder

Bermuda Fish Chowder Like Bouillabaisse to the French, Minestrone to the Italians, every Fish Chowder maker insists his or her recipe is the most authentic. There is a contest every year in Bermuda to determine which individual and which restaurant makes the best. Every chowder is different, and every year there is a different winner.… Continue reading Bermuda Fish Chowder


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