Goslings Rum

Entertain with the Happy Happy Hour cocktail kit

Available in California, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Washington State, and Washington D.C.
Our Happy Happy Hour Box has everything you need to flavor your happy moments with those Bermuda vibes. #DareToBeHappy, slow down, and reclaim your happy time with our premium Dark ‘n Stormy® gift box. Each box contains enough Goslings Black Seal Rum and Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer to make a few rounds of authentic Dark ‘n Stormy cocktails, PLUS we’ll send you an Instagrammable gift box with a pair of hand-made rum barrel replica glasses. Share Bermuda’s most iconic cocktail with friends and family. Limes and ocean breeze not included. Note: Glassware gift box will arrive in a separate shipment than the rum and ginger beer.