Goslings Rum

Dark 'n Stormy®
The national drink of Bermuda.

Discover how the Dark 'n Stormy® became one of the most loved cocktails the world over.

1806Bermuda Beginnings

James Goslings, on a journey from England to America, is becalmed at sea for 90 days. With his charter expired, he docks at the closest port, St. George’s Bermuda.

1824A Brick & Mortar Store

James and his brother, Ambrose, set up shop as Bermuda’s first wine and spirits merchants on King’s Parade.

Early 1900’sBlack Seal Origins

Goslings begins bottling their signature aged rum blend in reclaimed champagne bottles sealed with black wax. The product becomes known locally as “Black Seal Rum.”

1920'sA Delicious Combination

Royal naval officers add Goslings Black Seal Rum to their self-brewed ginger beer, thus creating an iconic cocktail. Legend has it, the name “Dark ‘n Stormy” came from an old fisherman comparing the drink’s appearance to that of storm clouds.

1980 A Trailblazing Trademark

To protect the integrity of Bermuda’s national cocktail the world over, the Gosling family trademarks the name “Dark ‘n Stormy®.”

2009Introducing Goslings Stormy Ginger Beer

After years spent perfecting the formula, Goslings launches Stormy Ginger Beer - with the ideal balance of sweet and spicy flavor.

2012All Together Now

A ready-to-drink Dark ‘n Stormy in a can is released in the US - making this delicious cocktail even easier to enjoy.

todayNew Generation,
Same Traditions

We continue to share the history, the product and the happiness that has made our family business successful for eight generations.


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