Goslings Rum

Share the Wintry Spiced Old Fashioned cocktail kit this season.

A holiday exclusive developed by Miguel Buencamino of Holy City Handcraft

Recipe and Photo Credit: Miguel Buencamino of @holycityhandcraft for Goslings Rum

The Kit Includes:

1 — Goslings Family Reserve Old Rum (750ml) Bottle
1 — Cocktail Courier Spices Cider Syrup (4oz) Bottle
1 — Scrappy’s Aromatic Bitters (0.5oz) Bottle
1 — Scrappy’s Orange Bitters (0.5oz) Bottle
1 — Cinnamon Sticks (8) Packet
1 — Cocktail Courier Dehydrated Blood Orange Wheels (8) Packet
1 — Cocktail Courier Star Anise (8) Packet